Cover Re-Reveal! Hidden Under the Surface by Michelle Heron

Welcome to the re-release of the cover to Hidden Under the Surface by Michelle Heron.

This book was published under the original cover September 16, 2018.

Andre Rainer

Andre’s dedicated his entire life towards becoming a professional fighter, but as he falls in with the wrong crowd, he soon finds himself under the thumb of a bookie named Bic.

As Bic plans to use Andre’s skills as a fighter to his advantage, he places Andre into an illegal fighting ring where Bic promises Andre everything he’s ever dreamed about.

However, Andre winds up under Bic’s control for years before he’s finally able to earn enough to pay off his debt and escape this life… that is until someone from his past returns to shake things up.

Will Andre be able to walk away, or will he be drawn right back into the life he was trying to escape?

Anne – Marie Emerson

After her brother walks in on something he wasn’t meant to, Anthony pays the ultimate price…

As Anne Marie’s family quickly falls apart, she allows her ‘older’ boyfriend to whisk her away in hopes of overcoming her guilt.

Escaping her home-life was supposed to better her situation, but when Anne – Marie’s marriage begins to fall apart, she’s left standing alone with no one to protect her from her past.

As Anne Marie’s forced to change her future, she realizes the change she’s looking for isn’t possible without returning home

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