Publication date: September 16, 2018

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Genre: Romance

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Are you ready for Andre Rainer? He’s the strong, protective type who will put himself in harms way to protect a lady. Who doesn’t love a protective man?! Pick up your copy of this romance with edge on Amazon and KU now!

This was a sweet story about trials and overcoming them.

Both Andre and Anne-Marie have troubled pasts that are threatening to overcome them. Through a series of shared friends and family, Andre and Anne-Marie just might be able to persevere.

I loved getting to know these two and slowly having their pasts revealed as they became more comfortable with each other. The minute they met, Andre and Anne-Marie had a connection. This connection lead them to becoming closer despite they shared history of difficult relationships.

Andre is such a gentleman and never pushed farther than Anne-Marie was comfortable going. He did not let her disability change anything about how he treated her, which was lovely to read.

Anne-Marie frustrated me in the beginning. She is such a sweet girl, and it was hard ‘watching’ her struggle with her life. I really appreciated that no matter how down she got, she was never broken. No matter what happened there was still that little spark that came out, showing everyone that she would not go down with this ship. My one hang-up of sorts is that there was never an good explanation on why she uses a wheelchair. It’s not pivotal to the tale, so it is definitely not a dealbreaker, but I would have liked the backstory there.

Andre and Anne-Marie were brought together by a serious of what’s hard to call coincidences. Family and friends interconnect in this tale, bringing in a thought of fate. I love the connections between all the background characters and our protagonists. Everyone ends up as a huge family, always trying to take care of each other.

That Andre and Anne-Marie were able to support and care for each other, allowing for a happier future to come into being, was a lovely thing to witness.

This was my second read for Michelle Heron (I was happy to see the connection to Lost Girls in this novel); but it won’t be my last.

Thank you so much, Michelle, for allowing me the chance to review this story in exchange for a free copy of this book.

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