Thank you so much to author Angelica Clyman for requesting my honest review for this novel and providing me with a free ebook copy.


The totality of a solar eclipse lasts only a few short minutes. That’s more than enough time for an apocalypse to erupt. 

Almost eighteen years have passed since the Eclipse changed the Earth forever, and Sebastian Za’in rose from the chaos and seized control, imposing his order on the broken planet. In a world ruled by fear and superstition, where all gods have perished, there is no one who can stand up to Za’in, the man rumored to be one of the Nephilim—hybrid offspring of Angel and Man. In a few short months, another Eclipse will occur, and while there are those who expect a new natural disaster, Za’in has plans of his own . . .

Completely unaware of this global turmoil, Kayla Steelryn has spent most of her life in a quiet village, longing to uncover her hidden past. When she leaves her home in search of answers, she finds herself faced with the truth about her identity, forced to choose between the two men she loves, and thrust into a conflict where she alone has the power to stop an event more disastrous than the end of the world.

This was an interesting book with a fascinating premise.

The world ended one day during a solar eclipse. The sky turned dark and life as you knew it fell. The line between Earth and Heaven was blurred and everything changed.

The story follows Kayla Steelryn, a young girl with a big destiny. Kayla was abandoned when she was just a baby in a small town cut away from the rest of the world.

The slow movement of the novel allowed for a vast majority of background stories to develop and grow. This same narrative also had me struggling with the novel. It took a while for me to become completely immersed into the world that Ms Clyman built.

I loved the mythology and imagery shown throughout, how there was always the small bit of light in the deepest darkness.

I found myself very frustrated with Kayla throughout the novel. She is so horribly naive and easy to trust, only for that trust to be tested against and again. In a world where survival is key, Kayla has a simple view to the detriment of herself and others around her. I feel like there was so much more to be done with Kayla’s characterisation, but overall she seemed to be very much a pawn in the games of others.

I also had an issue with the romance element of the novel. The triangle that was surrounding Kayla, Jeremy, and Asher was bordering on painful. Jeremy and Kayla had such a fast, intense beginning that was difficult to understand. Then the relationship between Asher and Kayla was very strange. Asher knew/grew up with Kayla’s parents, so it was hard to tell wether their relationship was supposed to be familial or romantic. That line was blurred and difficult to handle.

Overall, I didn’t fully enjoy reading this novel, the slow-build and unlikeable (to me) main character had me struggling. I wish that there was more information about the time before the Eclipse, and that the relationships between the characters were better explained. This novel is the first in the series, so there is much more to come and room to grow. I am curious to see how this world goes on from here.

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