• Publication date: March 18, 2019
  • Publisher: Dee Lagasse
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B07M9Z961K
  • Sutton Alloway-Dimarco 

    Daughter. Sister. Princess. 

    After a nonstop week promoting her new book to schools throughout Boston, all she wanted to do was spend a Friday night in her hotel room… eating chocolate and drinking wine. 

    Then her eyes met his…

    Bodie Cambridge

    Son. Brother. Hometown Hero.

    After a whirlwind week celebrating a World Series win, the last thing he wanted to do was attend yet another event. 

    Until he heard her laugh… 

    Diving head, and heart, first into a seemingly picture perfect romance, it doesn’t take long for the world to fall in love with them too. An All-American baseball player winning the heart of a princess? It’s a modern day fairy-tale. 

    But as Sutton and Bodie settle into the idea of their happily ever after, ghosts from the past begin to haunt them. With their love, faith and trust on the line, Sutton and Bodie must choose to fight together or walk away and leave everything they’ve worked so hard to build behind.

    This book was a delightful read.

    Sutton is a princess, third in line to the throne, and with that come certain responsibilities and expectations.

    Bodie is a world class pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. Famous in his own way, he is somewhat used to being in the limelight.

    Then they meet at a fundraising event for the Red Sox. And sparks flew.

    This story was very light with only a bit of drama; which came in the form of royalty makes everything everyone else’s business.

    Bodie and Sutton are both very down-to-earth, strong individuals and they work very well together. The easy banter and comfortable conversations make this novel a lovely little sit down.

    I’m not a huge romance fan anymore, but this was a great little story that kept me lighthearted and interested.

    Dee Lagasse is a forever-29-year old proud New Englander. She is the momma of three kiddos affectionately known as “The Minis.” When Dee isn’t writing, she can be found somewhere on a soccer field, obsessing over Marvel comics and movies or casually stalking The Royal Family.

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