My goal for this challenge was to read a book whose title or author’s last name begins with each letter of the alphabet. As an added bonus, I decided to only include books that I have never read before.

A – Angels Descendants by JC Seal […]

B – the Bone Farm by Dean Kootz

C – Subversive by Colleen Cowley []

D – the Dark Tempest by NP Cooper []

E – Earth Angel by Chris Stevenson []

F – Fallen Angels by JC Seal []

G – Kit’s Rebellion by CJ Grant []

H – How Much it May Storm by AN Willis []

I – Into the Mist by Lee Murray

J – Killian’s Dead by Josie Jaffrey []

K – Killer by Nature by Jan Smith

L – the Long Shadow on the Stage by Nichole Heydenburg []

M – Misericorde by Cynthia A Morgan []

N – the Shadows by Alex North []

O – Orestin’s Own by L Alyssa Austin []

P – Perish by LC Barlow []

Q –

R – Revolutionary by Colleen Cowley []

S – the Dispatcher by John Scalzi []

T – Togwotee Passage by LG Cullens []

U – Ubiety by Grzegorz Kunowski

V – the Venus Virus by Carmilla Voiez []

W – Within the Fog by Charles Welch []

X –

Y –

Z –

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