Bela, son of a Fallen Angel and a mortal woman, has lived for centuries. For one misstep in his youth, he was cursed and powers he had not yet learned to use were ripped away by a Guardian Angel.
Alone in the human world, he resigns himself to life in solitude.

Until one day, he finds a friend. It turns out that Azal is like him, a half-Demon, an outcast like Bela himself. They roam the world together, one day boarding a ship to America in the hope for a better future.

After making a fortune in the Californian gold rush, Bela buys a large piece of land, a place he calls The Farm. It becomes the first true home for him and Azal. Content with their shared solitude, the invention of newspapers, radio, and television, suddenly links Bela back to a world he had tried to leave behind. Hearing stories quite similar to his own, Bela realizes there were others like them. He sets himself a new goal, to find them all, and give them a home.

Everything Bela has built is at risk when Alec Hunt, a human investigative journalist, stumbles over their hiding place in search for a story. The risk turns into an opportunity when Bela manages to befriend Alec, enlisting his service to search and rescue more of his kind.

One day, Alec confides in Bela that he has fallen in love again with a professor teaching journalism at his daughter’s college. He decides to join her on a research exhibition to the Middle East, the region of Bela’s birth. Offering to help translating ancient texts, Bela soon realizes where the research is heading – discovering the hiding place of the Demons, the Fallen Angels of old.

Several months later, Alec’s daughter seeks out Bela after receiving a cry for help from her father. They fall in love, the curse takes effect, giving Bela the appearance of a horned Fire-Demon. But instead of running away in horror, she succeeds in breaking the curse. The Guardian Angel has to return his powers.

Will Bela learn to use his newfound abilities in time to rescue his human friend? Will he discover the truth about the Demons, led by the greatest nemesis of the Guardian Angels? Will he be able to open his heart and forgive those who have wronged him, unite The Farm’s community and the Guardian Angels in an effort to thwart the Demons’ plans? Will it be enough to save the unsuspecting human world from a gruesome fate?

Engaging and wonderful, I loved the world building here. Angels and demons are among us, but in hiding.

Bela, son of a fallen angel, had been alive for 2500 years. In those years he had seen many things, but always alone, always in hiding.

Half-Angel and Half-Demon offspring are hunted by their Angel parents as well as the Guardians. When found, they are immediately judged and are usually found lacking, resulting in a cursed life and the loss of angelic gifts.

Bela has taken his curse and used his experience to create a sanctuary for other like him. He has made the most of a lonely life to help others.

After meeting a human journalist looking for his next story, life at the Farm changes. Now, with a human in their side, Bela and the others can help more children of angels and demons while still remaining unknown to the human population surrounding them.

But not all is as it seems. The followers of Lucifer are trying to take over the world (as usual, I suppose). Bela is able to break his curse and gain him angelic powers. Using these new skills, he and his friends are the only thing stopping the world as we know it from ending.

This was a lovely and engaging novel. It started a bit slow for me, but I was soon sucked into the world and was very much interested in finding out what happened next.

This is a great start to the Angels and Demons series and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

Thank you so much to author JC Seal for providing me with a free ebook copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

About the author, in her own words:

I’m from Germany, from the beautiful Black Forest area. I live in a small townhouse with my loving husband, my wonderful teenage daughter and my eighteen years old tomcat. To pay my bills, I work part time as a lab technician in cancer research. I only started writing in October 2018, but loved to read all my life.

Maybe you wonder, why does someone from Germany write in English? I still remember the first English book I ever read. Staying in the USA as an exchange student when I was sixteen, I picked a random book at a public library, ending up with “Dragonsong” by Anne McCaffrey. It was the beginning of my passion for stories reaching beyond the confines of the mortal human world, and also the beginning of my love for a language that’s so much more expressive than my native tongue.

When finally risking the step from reader to writer, the language was out of question. Feel free to join me in my world of fantasy, paranormal, adventure, with a bit of romance.

When I’m not writing, I like playing computer games or watching crime series on TV. I’m also part of the parents’ council at my daughter’s school and a committee member of the garden club around the corner.

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