Revolutionary (Clandestine Magic 3) by Colleen Cowley

In this final book of the Clandestine Magic trilogy, Beatrix Harper is poised to help her sister accomplish an audacious goal. They’re on the brink of winning back a key right for typics that wizards took away—and maybe, just maybe, getting women more rights in the bargain.

But first she has to rescue Peter Blackwell, trapped in a dark-magic coma. And figure out what a former friend is plotting after nearly killing Peter and disappearing. And stay one step ahead of the vice president’s men.

What her enemies have planned is worse than she realizes. Far worse.

If you’re a reader who prefers to know upfront whether a book has a happy ending, what the level of violence or trauma is, whether there are sex scenes and how substantial a part romance plays in the plot, visit this link.

What an amazing end to the Clandestine trilogy!!

We left the second book with heavy hearts, Peter in a coma with no hope of escape and Beatrix sitting vigil beside him.

This novel was hard to put down, even for something as important as eating dinner.

So much happened in this conclusion. Between hope and despair, true love and betrayal, the novel was over before I could catch my breath. But in a very good way.

The scenarios and conflicts in this novel connected and flowed so smoothly that is was hard to remember that everything was written on a page and playing out like a movie.

The characters seemed even more real to me here. They had horrible setbacks and dizzying achievements. I loved the obvious research and emotion the author out into these characters. Their reactions to all the conflicts and twists in the series were so realistic and visceral.

I must say that my one complaint is that it ended and I won’t get to see what everyone continued to do in their lives. Due to the fast paced of this last novel, I found myself both rushing towards the end and trying to drag my feet. That being said, some of the situations did seem a bit too rushed, but I feel that it could be explained by the fact that people don’t focus on the nitty gritty during an emergency. In this way the characters almost seemed more fleshed out and realistic to me.

Brava to a great concluding novel in the Clandestine trilogy. I look forward to reading more by this amazing author.

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