Here are the books I had to mark DNF, did not finish for this year.

Review here
Review here
Just could not bring myself to enjoy and finish this one. Maybe it was because of the graphic novel format, as that is not my preferred reading.
Review here
I had to mark this one as a DNF, did not finish. I could not bring myself to care (or even put up with) about any of the characters.
George is a rotten old man who need to get off his high horse as get a life. I am so very sorry that his wife died, but honestly I have no sympathy for a man who calls everyone Nazi, queer, and all manner of horrible names.
Don seems a bit ridiculous with getting involved with a therapy patient, um there are’s serious RULES about Not Doing That!!
Lizzie is a whole ‘nother barrel of laughs. Again, I’m so sorry with what happened on her life that she is in a battered women’s home, but my patience with her wore very thin.
I spent too much time rolling my eyes and putting off the next chapter for me to struggle my way through this novel. I was hoping for a nice book with how dogs make life better and easier, but the dogs were just a small anecdote to the lives of the characters. Needless to say, not what I was hoping and looking forward to reading.

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