It’s been 8 months since a shocking lab incident claimed the lives of the world’s top scientists tasked with finding the cure to Covid-19.

Now, with the vaccine programme underway, Dr Kelly Cauldron is working round the clock to ensure the population are immunised against the deadly disease. The only problem is, it’s getting in the way of her sex life.

When a hunky patient enters her office to be vaccinated, Dr Kelly is horrified to discover he has already received a DOUBLE DOSE. But her horror turns to sexiness, when the man transforms into everything she could ever want – that is, until a familiar face returns to throw the entire vaccination program into turmoil…

Killing the Coronavirus 2: The Second Wave is a sexy tale about lust, love and libido, from the acclaimed author of Kissing the Coronavirus.

Dr Kelly Cauldron sniffed the hotdog into her vagina, filling herself up with the fat sausage which she’d kept warm all morning in her thermos flask.

Well, can’t say they didn’t start off fast. If I had any confusion about what type of book I was reading, I definitely don’t now.

(Though since this is the second book in the ridiculous Kissing the Coronavirus series, I have no excuse.)

Review for book 1 here.

I was actually disappointed with this sequel. The first book was much better, maybe because I had no idea what to expect.

This novella had sexy-times between Dr Kelly Cauldron, an orthodontist press ganged into administering COVID vaccines. when one of her patients accidentally gets 2 doses, the fun begins.

Dr Kelly having a threesome with COVID and Cure was a bit haphazard and way too much for my “I believe” button.

Oh well, I tried. The craziness of this novella was just not enough for the 15min read to be worth it (except for maybe the first few lines, lol).

Writer, ferret keeper and mother. I write to entertain and titillate. Follow her on Twitter @MJEdwardsAuthor

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