If Shadows Could Tell by Granthana Sinha

When Janet Clay’s body is found in a local gym pool, every authority dismisses it as just another case of drug-overdose.

Ridden by the guilt of not being able to save the young journalist while she still had a chance ― Aurora Steller visits the memorial service ― only to end up suspecting that things aren’t as simple as they appear. Her determination to find out the truth, only draws her further into an intricate web of greed and deceit ― where some will stop at nothing to protect their well-crafted masks.

With several events unfolding around her, it becomes terrifyingly clear that more lives might have been lost already. Suddenly, her beautiful, sleepy little town seems to be harvesting some sinister secrets; every fact seems tainted with lies; everyone she loves is in mortal danger.

With no evidence, no witness and very few allies, Aurora must risk everything, including her own life, to uncover the truth and bring justice to the numerous shattered lives, before it’s too late…

Wow. Just wow.

After a couple false starts, this book had me riveted and on the edge of my seat.

The characters are well written, though I had to roll my eyes a couple times at Aurora’s naivety.

I greatly enjoyed the way that the tale and the clues were found out. Flashing back and forth between Aurora’s point of view and that of unknown characters ‘the woman’ and ‘the girl’ left me slightly confused in the beginning; but I quickly grew to love the slow reveal of pertinent information to the crime.

I did wonder how Aurora found herself in such strange places; the right place at the right time got a bit redundant, but overall I enjoyed following the clues along with her.

I was very much not expecting the twist at the end. It left me gasping and trying to put everything I read together to see if there were any indications thy I had missed (there definitely weren’t).

This was a stunning murder mystery novel with a psychological twist. Thank you so much to the author for providing me with a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Granthana Sinha has studied English Literature and is a certified Graphic-Web designer and Digital painter. Forever fascinated by the idea of being able to pen down imagination, the author started writing poems and stories since her childhood.

She is the author of gripping mystery tales like ‘Where Did He Go?’ and ‘White Sherwani, Blue Lehenga’, which were selected as ‘Editor’s Picks’ and published on the Juggernaut homepage.

Her psychological thriller, ‘The Unrelated Murders’ was a winning contest entry, and was selected for Juggernaut SELECTS program in 2019.

Her sci-fi mystery short, ‘Addressed To Her’ is now available on Amazon.in and Amazon kindle, whereas some of her soulful poems have been published as part of ‘Sea – an anthology of poems’, which is currently available worldwide on all major platforms.

She lives in Kolkata with her family, and in her spare time, enjoys painting, traveling and solving cryptography puzzles.

You can connect with and follow updates about Granthana and her books on:

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