Ever Told by Benjamin Bremasi

Two detectives. Two dead bodies. One locked room with a twist you’ll never see coming.

When New Hampshire detective Jill Jennson is called to the scene of a double homicide that took place during a wealthy family’s annual vacation, she immediately realizes that this case will be unlike any other. The victims were brutally killed in their locked bedroom with seemingly no way for the killer to enter or leave undetected. The list of suspects is endless. And the possible motives are even more disturbing.

As the case evolves, the investigation becomes even more complex as secrets are revealed and betrayals come to light. Aided by her partner Caiden and her bedridden father Tony, Jill continues to unearth clue after clue as she desperately tries to solve the mystery and identify the killer. But the more she digs, the more she comes to realize that someone is out to get her as well. Is her unknown assailant connected to the investigation, or does the answer lie much closer to home? Once she discovers that the case may even have personal connections to a horrific event in her own sordid past, Jill will stop at nothing to complete the puzzle and finally put to rest the multiple acts of deception that have all converged into one unforgettable nightmare.

I had a hard time with this novel. Although the premise promises an intriguing locked door mystery, the novel itself was very lacklustre to me.

My main problems with this novel were the characters themselves. I just could not engage with them and I found them all to be a bit one dimensional.

I found myself becoming bored with the slow pace and all the repetition of the storyline. The back and forth of the timeline was also a bit confusing to read.

About the author:

I was born and raised in Massachusetts. As a child, I began writing short stories at the age of ten and have never put my pencil down since! I have a degree in Theatre as well as an Advanced Degree in Reading. In addition, I’ve acted in, as well as directed, several plays in college. Ever Told is my debut novel and I am excited to continue writing more books in the future.

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