Fieldworks 7 (the Story of the Truth War Survivor) by DW Wolf

Jak lives with his grandfather in the production “community” of Fieldworks 7, one of many such facilities in the country of Greater California. One day Jak ventures into a previously unnoticed basement in their shack. He finds the “deep time tapes,” revealing knowledge that has been suppressed and hidden for perhaps centuries. The tapes tell of the Truth Wars, of how disinformation from websites such as Factbook and Truthbook helped destroy the world: among many other revelations.

News of Jak’s discovery finds its way to the wrong people.

Chased across the country of Greater California by the Truth Police (a paramilitary group set up long ago), Jak finds hope in groups of people he thought were only legend, the Wanderers, peoples who have never lived in a Fieldworks community. Jak’s quest for Truth and survival costs him more than he could have ever imagined.

Jak lives in Fieldworks 7, an area that provides much needed crops and food for the Capital and other areas of the country of Greater California. The America as we know her is dead and gone. It has been split up into seven separate countries due to the Truth War; which is as it sounds, a war on Truth.

I really enjoyed the references to the world as we know it now. I always love seeing how dystopian novels see and talk about the time before whatever end of world event.

The novel was very fast paced and action packed. I found myself caught in the stream of the writing with no way, or real desire, to escape.

I feel like there was no real conclusion here, however. The novel seemed to abruptly end, way before I was ready for it to.

I really enjoyed the world building and the characters. Though I feel that there was some room for expansion and development. I hope that the author writes more in this world in the future.

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