the Heir and the Enchantress by Paullett Golden

Some love matches begin with marriage.

Hazel Trethow is infatuated with a notorious rake despite her father’s plans to betroth her to the heir of a wealthy barony. Her scheming to find a love match for her dearest friend and herself turns into a scandal that could ruin them both.

Harold Hobbs returns home from business in India with a plan to save his family from ruin. He does not anticipate his father’s plot to wed him to Miss Trethow. When he meets his intended, sparks fly.

This is the love story of Hazel and Harold as they find love in the most unlikely of places.

I greatly enjoyed this lighthearted tale. The characters are very well written and I found myself invested in their story and their conflicts. I feel like certain parts could have been better described, but overall the writing was wonderfully done with lovely descriptions and language.
This was a quick read for me and a very welcome change from some of the darker tales I have been reading lately. I loved this insight into Hazel and Harold’s world and I look forward to reading more from this author.

Celebrated for her complex characters, realistic conflicts, and sensual love scenes, Paullett Golden immerses readers in historical romance. Her novels, set primarily in Georgian and Regency England with some dabbling in Ireland, Scotland, and France, challenge the norm by involving characters who are loved for their flaws, imperfections, and idiosyncrasies. Her stories show love overcoming adversity. Whatever our self-doubts, love will out.
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