Hi, my name is Julie

Hello Julie

and I read fanfiction.

I started this like an AA meeting due to the fact that society as a whole looks down upon fanfiction.

Which I don’t totally understand. Fanfiction is imagination. It’s taking what was canon and making it your own. Fanfiction is saying “yes, that’s how the story goes, but

What If……?”

There are so many ways to answer that magical What If. And the writers of fanfiction are so amazing to come up with some that I couldn’t have even imagined:

Plus, many authors popular today have dived into the fanfiction pool:

  • Fifty Shades Of Grey by E.L. James started out as Twilight Fanfiction
  • The Temeraire Series by Naomi Novik began as fanfiction based off Master and Commander
  • The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare began as Harry Potter fanfiction
  • Point Pleasant by Jen Archer Wood is based off of the TV show Supernatural
  • The Iliad by Homer is even a fanfiction (in a way) of the Bible

So why must we feel ashamed of reading and enjoying a fiction continuation of our favorite books/TV shows/movies?

So many authors today (including Meg Cabot and Neil Gaiman) started out with an idea and writing it using characters everyone already knows and loves. They started on fanfiction websites that enabled them to plot out their ideas and get a better idea of plot devices and narration.

I enjoy reading fanfiction. I’m not ashamed of this. I am, instead ashamed of the fact that we cannot share our love for wonderful writers, artists, and characters in public.

Fanfiction is a celebration of the fictional characters that we love.

Bookriot (here and here) and Buzzfeed (here) have a good lists for Harry Potter fanfiction to dip your toes into.

Do you read fanfiction? What do you think about it?

And if you’ve read some great ones, send them my way!

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