Alphabetical (by title of book) of all the Reviews I have done up to this point.

(this list is always changing, if there is not a link to the book review,

please be patient, as I have not finished it yet.)

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2Birds [] by Tom Francisovich

13 Reasons for Murder (0.5): Britney’s Story [] by Amanda Byrd

13 Reasons for Murder (1): Politeness Kills [] by Amanda Byrd

13 Reasons for Murder (2): Meathead [] by Amanda Byrd

13 Reasons for Murder (3): Philistines [] by Amanda Byrd

13 Reasons for Murder (4): Hungry [] by Amanda Byrd

13 Reasons for Murder (5): Bad Blood [] by Amanda Byrd


Alexandra Forever: Beginnings [] by DW Richards

Angels Descendants (Angels & Demons 2) [] by JC Seal

Anti-Diet: Reclaim Your Time, Money, Well-Being, and Happiness through Intuitive Eating [] by Christy Harrison

Aranya [] by Marc Secchia

Art & Grace [] by Catherine E Chapman

Awkward [] by Gutpreet Kaur


Bad Vibes [] by Michelle Heron

Bathwater Blues [] by Abe Moss

the Beast of Wheeler Ridge [] by Chris H Stevenson

Betrayal Among the Frost (sequel to Flames Among the Frost) [] by Amy Hale

Billionaire Boss: Undercover Affair [] by Kyra Radcliff

the Billionaire Needs a Bodyguard [] by Ravina Hilliard

a Billionaire Romances a Star [] by Kyra Radcliff

the Black Book [] by Tarek Alduaij

the Black Sisterhood Files [] by Kristina Naydonova

the Blazing Chief (the Deschembine Trilogy 3) [] by Matt Spencer

the Book Jumper [] by Mechthild Gläser

Burial Rites [] by Hannah Kent

Bursts of Fire [] by Susan Frost

By the Light of His Lantern [] by Abe Moss



to Capture What We Cannot Keep [] by Beatrice Colin

Cat’s Cradle [] by Kurt Vonnegut Jr

the Cinema of Lost Dreams [] by Alli Sinclair

Come Find Me [] by Megan Miranda

Crystal Shadows: Gripping New Blood [] by RJ Parker


Dagmar of the Northlands [] by John C Adams

in a Dark, Dark Wood […] by Ruth Ware

the Dark Half [] by Stephen King

Dark Matter [] by Black Crouch

the Day I Died […] by Aya Knight

the Dead Girl in 2A [] by Carter Wilson

Dead Lake [] by Darcy Coates

the Deep [] by Alma Katsu

the Dog I Loved [] by Susan Wilsonthe E

Dominion of the Star [] by Angelica Clyman

Dr Cushing’s Chamber of Horrors [] by Stephen D Sullivan

the Dreaming Tree [] by Matthew Maher



Earth Angel [] by Chris H Stevenson

the Exorcist [] by William Peter Blatty


Fallen Angels (Angels & Demons 1) [] by JC Seal

Fireborne [] by Rosaria Munda

Flames Among the Frost [] by Amy Hale

From the Abyss: Stories & Poems of Descent and Redemption [] by Tessa James


the Girl at the Bottom of the Ocean [] by Amanda Byrd

the Girl with Glass Feet [] by Ali Shaw

Good Girls Lie [] by JT Ellison

Gravemaidens [] by Kelley Coon

Guilty [] by Tom Coleman



HH Holmes: the True Story of the White City Devil [] by Adam Selzer

the Hangman’s Daughter [] by Oliver Potzsch

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child [] by JK Rowling

the Haunting of Hill House [] by Shirley Jackson

Hidden Under the Surface [] by Michelle Heron

Horrors Next Door Boxset [] by Tom Coleman


If I Had Two Lives [] by AB Whelan

an Indelible Day [] by Cairo Marques

Inside the Masque [] by RTW Lipkin

Isla Emerged [] by Deidra Segueira

the Italian Billionaire’s Kidnapped Mistress [] by Kyra Radcliff


Jupiter and Her Moons [] by BL Mute


Kill Creek [] by Scott Thomas

Killian’s Dead [] by Josie Jaffrey

Killer Domes and the Chosen One [] by Gibbo Gibbs

Killing the Girl: A Story of Murder and Redemption […] by Elizabeth Hill

the Kingmaker Contest [] by Troy Clem

Kismet: A Royal Romance [] by Dee Lagasse

Kissing the Coronavirus [] by MJ Edwards

Kissing the Coronavirus 2 [] by MJ Edwards



the Last Wish: Introducing the Witcher (Witcher 0.5) [] by Andrzej Sapkowski

the Legendary Shiver [] by JH MacAl

the Lethean [] by GR Lyons

the Lies We Told [] by Camilla Way

the Long Shadow on the Stage [] by Nicole Heydenburg


Mad as a Hatter [] by Kendra Moreno

Man-Eater: the Life and Legend of an American Cannibal [] by Harold Schechter

Mandy’s Secret [] by Tom Coleman

Marauder (Marauder 1) [] by DW Roach

the Martian [] by Andy Weir

May Day [] by Josie Jaffrey

Misericorde (Mercy 1) [] by Cynthia A Morgan

the Missing Sister [] by Elle Marr

the Mistake [] by KL Slater

a Monster Escapes [] by Lewis Wolfe

Moroda (World of Linaria 1) [] by LL McNeill

the Mortal Immortal [] by Mary Shelley

Mrs Poe [] by Lynn Cullen



the Night and the Land (Deschembine Trilogy 1) [] by Matt Spencer

Nightmare Asylum & Other Deadly Delights [] by Sonia Kilvington

No Exit [] by Taylor Adams


Paranormal (parts 1 & 2) [] by Tom Coleman

Parasite (Parasitology 1) [] by Mira Grant

the Paris Wife [] by Paula McLain

Perish (Jack Harper 2) [] by LC Barlow

Pivot (Jack Harper 1) [] by LC Barlow

a Predator & a Psychopath [] by Jay Kerk


Radical (Clandestine Magic 2) [] by Colleen Cowley

Rekindled Prophecy […] by KC Freeman

Roadkill [] by Tom Coleman

Robin Hood’s Dawn [] by Olivia Longueville & JC Plummer

the Running Man [] by Richard Bachman


Scavenger Hunt [] by Charles Welch

Screamcatcher 1: Web World [] by Christy J Breedlove

Screamcatcher 2: Dream Chasers [] by Christy J Breedlove

the Secret of Plants in the Environment [] by Rishikesh Upadhyay

Secrets Submerged (Isla Emerged 1.5) [] by Deidre Sequeria

Setbacks & Saving Graces [] by Ashley McGinnis

the Shadows [...] by Alex North

Sherlock Holmes and the Curse of Cthulhu [] by James C Boswell

Sherwood [] by Meagan Spooner

the Silence of the Lambs [] by Thomas Harris

Spinning Silver [] by Naomi Novik

the Spirit of Animal Healing: an Integrative Medicine Guide to a Higher State of Well-Being [] by Dr Marty Goldstein

Sticky Things [] by Meghan O’Flynn

Subversive (Clandestine Magic 1) [] by Colleen Cowley

the Summer Wives [] by Beatriz Williams

Sunset Cruise on the River Styx [] by Mark Nutter

Symbiont (Parasitology 2) [] by Mira Grant



the Tech [] by Mark Ravine

Tell Me Tru: The Averdeen Duet, Book 1 [] by J Haney & SI Hayes

They Both Die at the End [] by Adam Silvera

Threat Nexus [] by Cortez Law III

a Trade in Tears [] by Samantha Shiye

the Trail of the Beast (the Deschembine Trilogy 2) [] by Matt Spencer

a Throne for Sisters [] by Morgan Rice

To Kill and Kill Again: the Terrifying True Story of Montana’s Baby-Faced Serial Sex Murderer [] by John Coston

Togwotee Passage [] by LG Cullens

the Tryptych [] by Catherine Habbie



in the Valleys of the Nobel Beyond [] by John Zada

the Venus Virus [] by Carmilla Voiez


Ubiety [] by Grzegorz Kunowski

an Uneasy Alliance [] by Kyra Radcliff


What a Dog Knows [] by Susan Wilson

Where the Red Fern Grows [] by Wilson Rawls

a Whole New World [] by Liz Braswell

Winter’s Edge […] by Regina Clarke

the Wish Giver [] by Bill Brittain

Within the Fog [] by Charles Welch

the Woman in the Window [] by AJ Finn