Mad as a Hatter by Kendra Moreno

Descend into Madness…

Clara spent her whole life fighting in courtrooms for the downtrodden, the strange ones, the abused. It’s only natural that when a man with rabbit ears on his head comes to see her, she doesn’t blink an eye…

…until he opens a portal and drags her to Wonderland.

But this isn’t the world she’s read about at home. This world has been twisted, poisoned by none other than the Red Queen.

There’s a prophecy, the only chance Wonderland has of survival. Clara is foretold to defeat the Knave and claim the Hatter’s heart. But there’s a problem. The Hatter is insane and Wonderland is full of unspeakable horrors. Death waits behind every tree. If the Beezles don’t get you, the Bandersnatch will.

Can Clara embrace the madness and her destiny, or will the reign of the Red Queen continue?

This isn’t the Wonderland you know…



**This is a Horror Romance retelling of Wonderland filled with all the creatures and characters you thought you knew. It contains gore, adult themes, and a sexy Hatter.**

Oh my giddy aunt! This book was a whirlwind of magic and intrigue. I was hooked from the very first line and could not put this one down!

The characters are believable and the imagery is fantastic, I really felt like I was in Wonderland with Hatter and Clara.

I have always enjoyed retellings of common children’s tales, but this took that to a whole new level. Set after the events of Alice in Wonderland, the novel shows a gritty and horrific side of the one beautiful and peaceful land.

Clara is sucked into the tale without knowing what she’s getting herself into, Wonderland is just a story after all. Right?

She is a strong woman, a lawyer in the real world, which gives her a bit of an edge when it comes to making deals in Wonderland. My main complaint with Clara is how cool and collected she was with everything Wonderland threw at her. Yes, being a lawyer helps with being calm, but I think she was just a bit too zen.

Hatter was a great character. as well, but I wish his madness was explored a bit more. he just didn’t seem to fit all the descriptions of a dark and mad man.

My main problem with this novel was that it was written in first person point of view. This is definitely not my favourite POV, as I usually have an issue diving into the story with this type of writing. Past the first few chapters, however, I was able to ignore this hiccup and enjoy the wild ride.

I am so glad I was able to receive this book for free in a giveaway a couple years ago (too bad it took me this long to read it); and I am very much interested in seeing where the story goes in the other novels of the Sons of Wonderland series.



Kendra Moreno was born and raised in Texas where, if the locusts don’t drive you mad, the fire ants and sticker burrs will. Iced tea, or aptly called straight sugar, fuels her for battling the forces of evil and washing the never ending dishes her son dirties. She has one husband who listens to her spin tall tales constantly without fail. Although he doesn’t always know what she’s talking about, he supports her like a high dollar brassier. Kendra has one son who will one day read her stories. For now she’s teaching him that books are meant to be cherished and not destroyed. Her three Hellhounds keep her company while she writes.