An Indelible Day by Cairo Marques

The story accompanies a single day of John C., a man of about thirty. In this short passage of time he has three dialogues with three different people. These dialogues, certainly, have shaped his day and, likely, will exist within him eternally.

This was a very interesting story about a normal man on a typical day in his life.

The story itself follows the conversations that John C has during the course of his day, mainly three interactions.

I enjoyed reading about John’s day, though I had some questions about who John really is. The short story format leaves me wanting to know more. The interactions that John had are innocuous for the most part. They show how much small conversations can affect how one goes about their everyday lives.

I found some confusion over how the author referred to the main character: John C, Mr C, C, and John. The switching between names left me a little blind sighted at times as far as sentence structure goes.

This was an engaging and quick read. A big thanks to the author for requesting my honest review; I hope to read more from them in the future.

author Cairo Marques