Kissing the Coronavirus by MJ Edwards

She was supposed to cure the Coronavirus.
Instead… she fell in love with it.

Dr Alexa Ashingtonford is a part of a crack team of scientists tasked with finding the cure to the devastating Coronavirus. Little did she know she would end up falling in love with it, in this steamy viral-erotica.

Kissing Coronavirus is a steamy tale about forbidden love and dark desires come to life.

I honestly have no idea what to think about this one. I read it as a joke; a what the hell did I just read!?

The novella starts right off the bat with Dr Alexa Ashingtonford (thankfully referred to as Alexa as throughout) in the kab looking for the cure of COVID-19.

Then things get….kinky….?

Alexa is a bit too into the vials of virus, which kept me reading with my eyebrows up for the entirety.

This is not a well written book. But the hilarity and the “what the hell?” was way more than I was expecting.

I’m still laughing at the sheer impossibility of this novel while writing this review. I don’t know what to think, though I know there’s apparently a sequel that I may have to read just for the craziness that I know is inside.

Should you read this book? I have no idea! It was a quick and fun ride, but definitely not the next big thing in literature. At least my incredulity could last the 15min it took to read.

My insanity continues…..I read the sequel! [review here]

The book is M.J. Edwards debut book, and is her attempt at trying to pay the bills following her job loss. Check her out on Twitter @MJEdwardsAuthor