And now for something [a little] different.

When I started my blog, I decided to review books from my TBR pile, the ones I have never read before, and I have succeeded in this. This has enabled me to discover so many gems and new authors, rather than just rereading the same few books over and over.

But I still love rereading my favourite books and authors.

Thus begins Throwback Thursdays.

I will be posting reviews of beloved rereads under this platform. In the first portion of my posts, I will have a review as usual.

Then there will be a second part of my reviews. This part will contain my thoughts of the book as a whole, collecting from both the nostalgic and most likely some spoilers. Don’t worry, I will be very sure to post warnings around any spoilers, so you don’t have to view those horrid things at all.

None of these will be in order of age or year; they will just be a testament to nostalgia.

Feel free to comment or recommend books that take you back in time!