Currents Converged (Isla Emerged 3) by Deidre Sequeira

Peril. War. Power.

Isla has been queen for five years, but time has not made ruling any easier. It also hasn’t erased the guilt she feels over her part in the pain her people suffered. But as queen, she has more important things to worry about than her feelings and some gruesome flashbacks. She must atone for her sins and help the merfolk of the Southern Pacific heal from the wounds her mistakes left behind.

Unfortunately, achieving that will be harder than she ever imagined. Theo, a prince from a faraway kingdom, arrives with a harrowing warning that a new tyrant has emerged and old enemies have risen from the grave—and they’re working together to terrorize the mer world.

Now, Isla must gather her friends, rally her army, and battle her own demons in order to protect her people and put an end to her enemies before it’s too late.

War is coming. The survival of the seas rests on Isla’s shoulders.

And victory is the only option she has.

Currents Converged is the final book in the Isla Emerged Trilogy.

This final novel of the Isla Emerged trilogy was a bit difficult for me to read. After the action packed first books, this novel started a bit slow and took a little time for me to become hooked in.

Once all the build up and preparations are finished, the action is well written and gripping. I could not put this book down.

The author did a great job with character development and recognising the horrible truth of PTSD and how it can crop up at any time. Both Isla and Maryn are having a hard time dealing with the events in their past, but that doesn’t stop them from continuing to do what they feel is right.

Theo is such an interesting character. I greatly enjoyed getting an insight into his mind at times and seeing things from his point of view. His conflict and rocky start with Isla was fantastic to read.

I loved this conclusion to the Isla Emerged series and am sorry to see it end. I look forward to seeing more from the author.

Deidre Sequeira resides in San Antonio, Texas. She is a lover of reading, karaoke, cats, and all things Disney. Deidre has her B.A. in English with a Concentration in Teaching Certification from Texas A&M University-San Antonio. Ever since she was a young girl, she knew two things: she wanted to teach and she wanted to write. And that’s just what she did.
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